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October 5, 2012
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"Oy, _____!" called a familiar voice.

_____ turned around to see her friend and long-time crush, Allistor Kirkland, standing with his hands in his pockets. "Oh, hi, Allistor. What's up?"

"The ceilin'," he replied curtly, his shoulders rising slightly as he spoke, then relaxing back to their original position. "Gilbert's havin' a party tonight. You comin'?"

"A party? Sure! I'd love to!" said _____ with a wide smile. She knew that Gilbert's parties were the best around, despite how crazy and out of control they became.

Allistor nodded, making a half-smile. "Great. You want me to pick you up?"

A light shade of pink dusted _____'s cheeks. "Uh. . . sure. Okay. . ."


That night, _____ sat in her living room. She had on black Converse shoes, a plain white shirt, a black leather jacket, and a pair of skinny jeans with the Union Jack painted across the right thigh. With every minute that passed, she became more and more anxious. She wondered if she would finally gain enough courage to tell Allistor how she really felt; she wondered if Allistor would like her fashion sense, or if he would be offended by it, considering that he never really got along with his British brother, Arthur.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. She quickly rose from her seat on her couch and shuffled over to the door. She smiled at Allistor as she opened the door. "Hi, Allistor."

He nodded abruptly. "Ready to go?"

_____ nodded, walking out the door, closing and locking it behind her.

"Nice trousers," said Allistor.

_____ lifted her head up to look at him, a blush forming on her face. "You like them?"

He nodded. "Aye. They kinda remind me of home. I saw the Union Jack everywhere back in Scotland."

"Even more than tartan?"

"Aye," he replied with a growing smile on his face. _____ felt her heart get warmer. She loved to see Allistor smile, even just a little bit. She treasured every one of them-- mostly because he did it so infrequently.

"W-Well, then," started _____. "Shall we go?"



"Everyone!" shouted Gilbert as he stood on a tabletop at the party. "Let's all play Hide-and-Seek!"

_____ pumped her first in the air. "Yes! I am so there!" She looked at Allistor. "You gonna play?"

Allistor made a half-smile. "Why not? Sure, I'm in."

"Okay, guys!" said Gillbert. "Toni, Francis, und I'll be it! GO!"

The three turned around, covered their eyes, and began counting aloud. _____ took Allistor's hand and pulled him along down a long hallway. They pulled into an old storage room, spotting a large footlocker.

"Allistor, over there."

Allistor looked at the footlocker, then at _____, a smirk crawling onto his face. "C'mon." He walked over to the footlocker and opened the lid, removing the few objects inside and setting them to the side, making sure it wouldn't look too conspicuous. He climbed inside and lay flat on his back. "Come on in, lass."

_____ gave a small nod before stepping into the footlocker, laying on her stomach on top of Allistor and closing the lid. She wiggled around a bit to get comfortable.

"Comfy?" he asked.

"Eh?" _____ felt her face heat up. She had never been so close to him before; she had no idea what to do in a situation like this. "Y-Yeah. . . I'm fine. . ."

"Mm," he grunted softly.

Thirty minutes passed by, and the duo were still in the footlocker, still unfound. Being stuck in one position for a long time with nothing to do was practically boring them to tears, and Allistor's hands started to fall asleep. He shook them slightly, raising them up to a closer proximity to _____'s side. He lay them back down, but he still felt antsy.

"Oy, _____?"

"Hm? What is it?"

"Can I try something?"

"U-Uh," she mumbled, confused. "Okay."

Without another word, Allistor pressed his lips to _____'s. ______ froze, shocked at his action, but then relaxed and returned the kiss. The kiss became more intense, and _____ let out a quiet moan as Allistor pulled away from her mouth and began kissing her neck and jawline. Their lips met for one more moment before they both pulled away, panting for air.

"I wanna tell you something, Allistor," _____ breathed out.

"I'm listenin'."

"I. . I-I love you. . ."

Allistor let out a quiet chuckle. "Love you, too, _____."

_____ smiled warmly, happy that her feelings were reciprocated. "You think we should get out of this thing now?"

Allistor nodded. "Aye. It's gettin' stuffy in here."

_____ pushed the lid up, opening it and climbing out. Her face turned bright red as she saw the group of people standing in the doorway, looking in her direction expectantly. The Bad Touch Trio was at the front of the crowd.

"Well," said Gilbert with a smirk. "That was interesting."
Here's Scotty's~! Though they're not technically stuck in the box, but oh, well....

I apologize if Scotty seems out of character. I never really delved into his character much, only taking time to take a look at him to write this...

-Germany's: [link]
-Prussia's: [link]
-Spain's: [link]
-England's: [link]
-Italy's: [link]
-America's: [link]
-Romano's: [link]

Picture © Somebody on
Story © Moi
Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:
You © :iconsexyscotland2plz:
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